About Us


Casa De Las Comunidades, a Catholic Worker Community, is available at all times to accompany persons and families who are oppressed, marginalized and alienated by a competitive and individualistic society. We embrace all differences of race, culture or religion as a wealth of humanity that is to be shared. We are especially called to be of assistance to immigrant families, to women and to youth.


Casa De Las Comunidades  strives to provide educational activities as needed to foster human dignity, cultivate an awareness of individual human rights, promote development of family and community values and enable higher standards of living in a safe, healthy environment within the community in Albuquerque. This vision includes advocacy for the dignity and rights of persons who are immigrants from their country and culture.

Our PHYSICAL LOCATION is 444 Chama St.  at the corner of Chama and Bell, in the International District of Albuquerque, NM 87108. Our building faces Bell. We are east of Louisiana and south of Zuni.

Our PHONE NUMBER is 505-265-2371.

Our MAILING ADDRESS is: Casa de las Comunidades, Box 8002, ABQ 87108


Chair: Carla Shibuya

Secretary: Josh Hackett

Treasurer: Catherine Culak

Ex-officio Members:

Sister Teresa Aparicio, OLVM

Alan Bronder

Linda Swindle

Jose Francisco Zarate

Leticia Carrion



One response to “About Us

  1. Cliff Wilkie


    I am sending two links to PBS documentaries about abuse of Mexican immigrants by the US Border Patrol.

    My wife, Mollie, and I bring donation food from Whole Foods every Thursday. I was with her last Thursday and was talking with two women who are with Casa about the above documentaries. Unfortunately I do not remember the name of either woman so am sending this to several people in hopes that it gets to the right person or persons. Please email me if you have questions cliff.wilkie@comienzos.org

    The two links follow:

    Cliff Wilkie

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