A special “Thank You” to Victory Noll

On June 8, 2014, the Feast of Pentecost, four volunteers of Casa de las Comunidades  chose to become “Associates” of Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters, and another one of us became a “Prayer Associate.” Casa is one of four centers Victory Noll has partnered with throughout the western U.S. Being an Associate involves a special commitment to Casa to carry and live the special spirit or “charism” of Victory Noll, which is that quality many visitors to Casa de las Comunidades find unique about our center. Accompanied by Sr. Teresa Aparicio, OLVM, and longtime Associate Alan Bronder, we went on a five-day “pilgrimage” to rural Huntington, Indiana where Founder Fr. John Joseph Sigstein nurtured his first catechists in the early 1020’s to go to the wilds of eastern New Mexico to accompany the desperately poor living near the old villages of  Watrous and Wagon Mound. At Huntington, we were welcomed with the generous hospitality that is part of Victory Noll, and came to appreciate first-hand the courageous and faith-filled lives all the missionary sisters have lived.

Casa depends on volunteers, and we depend on Casa. Try us out and see what a gift awaits you.

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